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In a world in which education must be combined continuously with tight and exhausting agendas, e-learning solutions are needed in teaching market. Founded in 2014 in Seville, Spain, Wedukit provides consultancy services in e-learning and web development, educational technology, and the integration of web portals to provide e-Commerce functionalities. We serve a wide range of clients presently in Spain, the United States, and Australia, and we are continually working to increase their global impact and presence.

We believe technology can adapt to the learning needs of all individuals. Wedukit addresses projects in a comprehensive way by not only placing focus on the technology, but by putting ourselves in the shoes of both the administrator and the end user.  Furthermore, we develop digital content for online courses, offer applications training, and on-call client consultancy with Moodle and WordPress.

Our market remains all companies that require e-learning consulting services, course development, and platforms that offer online courses. This includes universities, public administrations, research organizations, educational centers, publishers, training centers, and freelancers.


Adrián J. Troncoso Campos
Adrián J. Troncoso CamposFounder of Wedukit

Moodle Course Certificate (MCCC)

CEO and founder of Wedukit.com and Director of IT at Social Intelligence Institute.

Adrián Troncoso is an IT project manager, e-learning developer, and Web Content Management
Specialist with over eleven years of commercial experience in more than 25 large Education
and Training projects for universities, the public and private sector, and projects co-funded by
the European Union.
Since 2016, Troncoso has served as the lead developer of challenging web developments and
integrations on over 275 websites and with 100,000+ users. This work being primarily
conducted with Moodle, Joomla, Digital Content Repositories, and social networks. He retains
an expert knowledge of industry-standard software and hands-on experience in different roles
including: project manager, webmaster, platform manager, e-Learning/PHP lead developer,
analyst, consultant, instructional designer, training, and technical support.
Adrián holds bachelor’s degrees in both Web Development and Biology, a postgraduate
certificate in Education, and a master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Society.
“With a love of lifelong learning, I remain passionate about IT innovation, nature, Go (a
Chinese board game played by millions of people around the world), traditional archery, hiking,
and photography. I am always looking for a new challenge and trying to help make the world a
smarter and better place to live in.” – Adrián J. Troncoso, CEO and Founder of Wedukit

Pablo Tinoco Castillo
Pablo Tinoco CastilloFull Stack Developer

Software engineer graduated in Sevilla University.

Big lover of IT, he never had clear a work area to specialize, but thanks to Adrían Troncoso he discovered e-learning development, now it’s his pasion.
More than one year of experience have been worth to solve any problem.
He had an exchange with the Chile’s Central University in Santiago de Chile, that opened up his mind at professional level as well as personal level.
He says that he I needs music, books and sports to life without getting bored.
Pablo defines himself as a positive person, resolutive and perfectionist, unable to give less than his 100% on all he do.

Francisco Fernández Angulo
Francisco Fernández Angulo Apprentice trainer, Web Developer

Software engineer studying in Sevilla University.

Francisco is used to work under pressure, he had some years of work experience in the hostelry sector.
He is a decisive person, as well as enterprising and good-natured.
He loves challenges so he never gives up, attentive, he never stop learning, he knows how to handle people.
He is able to adapt to any circumstance and do his best, always tries to work as a team and encourage the team spirit.
He’ll never say no to travel and learn about other cultures.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.